Pay per viewhow targeted advertising delivery

Pay Per View Advertising, known as search marketing, network alliance promotion. Search Promotion bid is, we say, let us talk about the auction running.

How to auction targeted delivery, not simply put up will be able to say how, but that it needs to be analyzed after a series of data delivery strategy will be more targeted, if a person did well in other industries to guide you in this industry, you can Pay per view listen to experience and talk about, but there’s not based on his ideas to decide your way out of here, because he does not understand your side of the market and the actual situation, to make a delivery strategy is according to him the industry to go.

Ado, first of all data areas have: Keyword Report daily / time, search terms report, regional reports, dialogue word report, click the report, the transaction term reports, etc. <analyze the peak period, peak area, high Dialogue when the word, the word high turnover, so precision / word / zone / / delivery>, Pay Per View Advertising done ratio, the ratio of dialogue, leaving power ratio, turnover ratio and other <a pretty good idea>.

Daily observation ratios over time you will find that these ratios floating nature, once reached the floating of the law, then put on a good adjustment, of course, you will be more ideas. If the float is relatively large, then they would have time to find the reason, Pay per view online the question is which one of the recurrent problems: Click the ratio of normal conversation ratio decreased. This is the most troublesome of all things extension workers. First look at the word, what word to bring traffic, and change a few days ago contrast, a word, if the word is not the problem, look at dialogue, whether the policy has changed, of course, depends on the time, some industry days and rest days CTR floating rate and large normal conversation, but can be done weekdays delivery strategy and a rest day delivery strategy, there is little unmissable, and that is a big floating days that the search engine is adjusted to show / ranking law, whether the account did optimization / strategic mobility, of course, there are other reasons, must be timely investigation. If you can do strategically put in, so that strategies can be achieved with the idea was born.